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Hints and pseudo code for Exercise 9.8.1 (Martin, 2015)

  1. Martin (2015) studied songbirds in temperate and tropical environments. He showed (Figure 2A) that peak growth rate is higher in species suffering higher nest predation risk, and is lower in tropical species with the same level of risk as temperate species. In the same Figure (2B) he reported that nestling period covaries with growth rate, with tropical species having a shorter nestling periods (for the same growth rate) than temperate species. The file Martin2015_figure2.pdf contains a figure generated with ggplot2 similar to Figure 2 of the original paper. Reproduce the figure using the file Martin2015_data.csv deposited in the CSB/ggplot2/data folder.


  • the file is Tab separated; you can use the read_tsv function to read the data
  • to arrange multiple plots on the same page, look at the function grid.arrange of the package gridExtra
  • in the data site is coded as 1, 2, and 3 for Arizona - temperate, Venezuela - tropical, and Malaysia - tropical, respectively. To display the labels you can use the function factor, for example
m2015$site <- factor(m2015$site, levels = c(1,2,3), 
                     labels = c("Arizona - temperate",  
                                "Venezuela - tropical", 
                                "Malaysia - tropical"))