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Hints and pseudo code for Exercise 6.6.1 (Lord of the Fruit Flies)

  1. Identify how many papers in the PubMed database have the words Drosophila virilis in their title or abstract. Use the usehistory argument so you can refer to this search in the next step.

    Hints: you can use the functuion from the Entrez module of the Bio package. Setting usehistory = y allows you to refer to the query in the next step.


    from Bio import Entrez
    import re = "your email here"
    # create a handle
    handle = Entrez.esearch(your code here)
    # now retrieve the records
    record =
  2. Retrieve the PubMed entries.

    Hints: you can use the function Entrez.efetch to retrieve the records. Write the results to the file D_virilis_pubs.txt.

  3. Count the number of contributions per author.

    Hints: use regular expressions to extract the author names, and count them.

  4. Identify the five authors with the most contributions.

    Hints: you can try using the function sorted for this task.