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# Gut microbiome of termites --- Mikaelyan et al. 2015
## Point 5
The goal is to compute Shannon's diversity index for the gut community associated with each species.
First, we connect to the database:
sqlite <- dbDriver("SQLite")
con <- dbConnect(sqlite, "../data/Mikaelyan2015.db")
Make sure that we can see the tables:
Now we run a query to extract the name of the species and the corresponding ID:
res <- dbSendQuery(con, "SELECT * FROM tSpp;")
# store the results
tSpp <- dbFetch(res, n = -1)
# print the table
Now we create a dataframe, and for each species, we calculate the Shannon's index of diversity using the package `vegan`:
div_termites <- data.frame()
for (i in 1:dim(tSpp)[1]){
SpName <- tSpp[i,]$Spp
SpID <- tSpp[i,]$IDSpp
# Select all the Num > 0 for that Species ID from table tNumber
res <- dbSendQuery(con,
paste("SELECT Num FROM tNumber WHERE Num>0 AND IDSpp=", SpID, ";"))
my_freq <- dbFetch(res, n = -1)
# add to the database
div_termites <- rbind(div_termites,
data.frame(Species = SpName,
Diversity = diversity(my_freq, index = "shannon")))
# print the results
Close the connection to the database:
# clean results
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