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Hints and pseudo code for Exercise 1.10.3 (data from Saavedra and Stouffer, 2013)

  1. To build the script, you need to combine several commands:

    • To find the number of rows, you can use wc
    • To find the number of columns, take the first line, remove the spaces, remove the line terminator \n and count characters.
    • To combine them in a script, you need to assign the result of a command to a variable. For example: mytxtfiles=`ls *.txt` stores the list of txt files in the variable mytxtfiles.
  2. You need to write a for loop in a bash script. This might help:


myfiles=`ls *.txt`
for ff in myfiles
echo $ff
  1. You can now use the script you've just written in combination with sort to answer the questions (remember the option -k to choose a column and -r to reverse the order).