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Course Info

Instructor: Dr. Christopher Parnin

Office: Engineering Building II, 3270

Lecture (Engineering Building II, 1231): Mondays/Wednesdays from 10:40am-11:30pm

Instructor Office Hours: Wednesdays from 2:30pm-4:00pm

Labs (Engineering Building II, 1221):

TA Office Hours (Engineering Building II, 1229B):

  • Shiou Tian: Tuesday, 12-1pm
  • Brantley Collins: Mondays, 3-4pm
  • Shuai Yang: Friday 1-2pm


Class Topics Resources Deadlines
Jan 6th Hello    
Jan 11th Configuration Management    
Jan 13th Jenkins + Maven Build Lifecycles HW0
Jan 14th Lab: iTrust InstallFest iTrust wiki, iTrust github  
Jan 18th No class    
Jan 20th Agile Processes Pg. 220--238 HW1.P1
Jan 21st Lab: Trello + Pivotal + Github Issues    
Jan 25th Testing Pg. 36--85  
Jan 27th Mocking + Unit Testing    
Jan 28th Lab: Coverage Coverage Slides  
Feb 1st Code Reviews Pg. 14--18  
Feb 3rd Guest Lecture (Refactoring) Code smells HW1.P2
Feb 4th Lab: Bug Hunt    
Feb 8th Architectural Patterns MSDN, Background reading  
Feb 10th Web Basics + MVVM (bindings+templates) JSP HW2.P1
Feb 11th Lab: JSP, REST REST  
Feb 15th Design Notations Pg. 282--302  
Feb 17th Design Patterns   HW2.P2
Feb 18th Lab: Design Fitbit  
Feb 22th Frameworks, APIs, REST Pg. 86--119  
Feb 24th Metrics   HW3.P1
Feb 25th Lab: Code Complexity Esprima Demo  
Feb 29th Requirements + Final Project Pg. 120--177  
Mar 2nd Midterm   HW3.P2
Mar 3rd Lab: Requirements Planning    
Mar 7-11 SPRING BREAK    
Mar 14th Continuous Deployment Adages in Continuous Deployment  
Mar 16th Microservices + Infrastructure   Iteration 0
Mar 17th Lab: Docker    
Mar 21th Ansible Workshop Pg. 259--282  
Mar 23rd Dr. Stolee   Iteration 1
Mar 24th Lab: Project Meeting    
Mar 28th Crowd Documentation    
Mar 30th Program Comprehension Neuroscience of Programming Iteration 2
Mar 31st Lab: Comprehension    
Apr 4th Security    
Apr 6th No class   Iteration 3
Apr 7th Lab: Project Working Meeting    
Apr 11th Personal + Social Software Process    
Apr 13th Interviews   Iteration 4
Apr 14th Lab: Mock Interview    
Apr 18th Analysis + Monitoring    
Apr 20th No class   Iteration 5
Apr 21st Lab: Final Demo   Final Demo
Apr 25th Exam Review (Last class)    
May 4th Final Exam, 8am-11am    


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