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DevOps: CSC 519

Modern software development organizations require entire teams of DevOps to automate and maintain software engineering processes and infrastructure vital to the organization. In this course, you will gain practical exposure to the skills, tools, and knowledge needed in automating software engineering processes and infrastructure. Students will have the chance to build new or extend existing software engineering tools and design a DevOps pipeline.

Past versions:

Course Overview

In the course, a mixture of traditional lectures with activities and in-class workshops will be used. During lectures, we will cover core concepts related to a topic. During the in-class workshops, we will perform sample exercises with relevant tools that reinforce lecture material. Evaluation will be based on tech talks, homework assignments, workshop attendance, and final project.

After the course, students are able to:

  • Programmatically provision images.
  • Automatically apply configuration management to production environments.
  • Automatically create and maintain build environments.
  • Maintain test suites and measure testing quality and coverage.
  • Automatically generate new tests, using feedback-directed random testing, fuzzing, and data-flow analysis.
  • Programmatically measure code quality via static and dynamic code analysis.
  • Understand components of infrastructure.
  • Remotely regulate behavior of deployed software via feature flags and configuration servers.
  • Apply advanced strategies for deployment of software.
  • Monitor and analyze telemetry data.
  • Implement resilience testing on production environments (e.g., Chaos Monkey).


The primary objective of the course will be to allow students to gain experience in incrementally building a continous delivery pipeline from scratch. Throughout the semester, students are expected to complete a component of the pipeline by each milestone deadline.


Details on requirements for milestones will be released throughout the course. A student's pipeline should demonstrate the following components by the milestone deadline:

  • CM


Shrikant Shete, Office Hours: Thursday 3:15-4:15pm

Schedule and Topics - Spring 2018

The following schedule is subject to change.

Class Topics Resources Assignments
Jan 9 Computing Environments
Jan 11 Pipeline Basics HW0
Jan 16 Core Concepts Adages
Jan 18 Snow Day
Jan 23 Configuration Management HW1
Jan 25 Ansible
Jan 30 ...continued
Feb 1 Provisioning workshop HW1 - P2
Feb 6 Build CM+Build Milestone
Feb 8 Build server workshop
Feb 13 Test Management
Feb 15 Suites/Fuzzing
Feb 20 Analysis Test+Analysis Milestone
Feb 22 Test Generation Workshop HW2
Feb 27 Deploy Strategies
Mar 1 Deploy
Mar 13 Operation Concepts
Mar 15 Redis
Mar 20 Michael DeHaan, ansible creator DEPLOY+INFRA Milestone
Mar 22 Tech Talks Kubernetes, Coveralls, TravisCi, Monit
Mar 27 Monitoring/Analysis
Mar 29 Monitoring Workshop
Apr 3 Tech Talks Chef, SonarQube, Eslint, Lambda
Apr 5 Tech Talks Kafka, TerraForm, Puppet, Packer
Apr 10 Tech Talks Salt, Docker Compose, Spinnaker
Apr 12
Apr 17 Chaos Engineering
Apr 19 Workshop
Apr 24 Demos
Apr 26 Demos
May 8 Final Exam (8:00am)


Slack NC State - Stack Overflow

Glossary of Tools