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Welcome to the Datascapes 2017 hackathon resource repository! The goal of the hackathon is to surface key insights into the City of Montreal, particular insights that could be helpful for administrators and officials to make our beautiful city a better place.

To help that process along, we've pre-prepared several City of Montreal datasets. You'll find information about each in the directories of the repository:

  • CitizenRequests: requests/complaints filed by Montreal locals using the 311 service.
  • Crime data: criminal activity registered by the police
  • Firefighters: firefighter calls and interventions over time
  • TravelTime: travel time for routes around Montreal at different times of day/week/month.
  • VehiclesInCirculation: number and kind of vehicles registered in Quebec.

Other Resources

There are tons of other datasets out there that might prove useful to the question you'd like to get at. Some other datasets resources that you may (or may not) find useful.