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Pebbles (formerly Pouta Blueprints) is a frontend to manage cloud resources and lightweight user accounts. Currently supported resource types are:

  • OpenStack driver, which can be used to launch instances on OpenStack cloud.
  • Docker driver, for running web notebook instances in Docker containers on a pool of virtual machines.

Additional resources can be added by implementing the driver interface.


Documentation hosted on GitHub.

The documentation is generated from Sphinx RST documentation under doc/ and inline in the code.. Convention is to have as much as possible as docstrings close to the code that implements said functionality. Module level docstrings can be used to give end-user readable generic description of system parts. Things that aren't naturally tied to a code module or artefact can be created under doc/source.

Building the documentation can be one as follows

$ mkvirtualenv pb-doc
(pb-doc) $ pip install -r requirements.txt
(pb-doc) $ cd doc && make html

Will build the html documentation under doc/build. There is a requirement of graphviz for creating system structure graphs.

The documentation is hosted in GitHub pages and built using `Travis-Sphinx`_. Travis-Sphinx requires your documentation to be 100% correct RST syntax to build so it's worth the effort to run

$ workon pb-doc (pb-doc)$ travis-sphinx --branches=doc/sphinx --source=doc/source build

Before pushing nontrivial documentation changes for Travis testing.