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Resource Entitlement Management System

Resource Entitlement Management System (REMS) is a tool for managing access rights to resources, such as research datasets.

Applicants can use their federated user IDs to log in to REMS, fill in the data access application and agree to the dataset's terms of use. The REMS system then circulates the application to the resource owner or designated representative for approval. REMS also produces the necessary reports on the applications and the granted data access rights.

REMS is a Clojure+ClojureScript Single Page App.

REMS is developed by a team at CSC – IT Center for Science.

You can try out REMS using the publicly available demo instance at

Getting started


Currently, the REMS project aims to make small, frequent releases. Releases are compatible with old data, using migrations where needed. Since REMS is undergoing active development, we can't guarantee backwards compatibility for the API. However, all breaking changes are highlighted in the release notes.

See the release page for the releases.



The REMS API is documented using OpenAPI aka Swagger. You can check out the API docs using the swagger-ui of the public demo instance.

Documentation can be found under the docs folder.