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{;; HTTP server port.
:port 3000
;; When :nrepl-port is set, the application starts an nREPL server on load.
:nrepl-port nil
;; When true, enables experimental and unfinished features.
:dev false
;; Uses :database-url if it's defined. Otherwise :database-jndi-name is used.
:database-url nil
:database-jndi-name "java:comp/env/jdbc/rems"
;; Supported authentication methods: :shibboleth, :fake-shibboleth, :ldap
:authentication :shibboleth
:ldap {:connection {:host "localhost:2636"
:ssl? true}
:search-root "dc=Suivohtor,dc=local"}
:alternative-login-url nil
;; Sending email.
:smtp-host nil
:smtp-port 25
:mail-from nil
;; URLs to notify about granted and revoked entitlements.
:entitlements-target {:add nil
:remove nil}
;; List of supported languages. They will be selectable in the UI.
:languages [:en :fi]
:default-language :en
;; Path to a directory with translations for additional languages.
:translations-directory nil
;; Path to an external theme file to override variables in :theme.
;; Will automatically set :theme-static-resources to a 'public' directory
;; next to the theme file.
:theme-path nil
;; Optional static resources directory for theme files.
:theme-static-resources nil
;; UI theme variables.
:theme {:color1 "#cbd0d5"
:color2 "#b6cfd7"
:color3 "#64727e"
:color4 "#983b6b"
:info-bgcolor "#d9edf7"
:danger-bgcolor "#f2dede"
:success-bgcolor "#dff0d8"
:warning-bgcolor "#fcf8e3"
:info-color "#31708f"
:danger-color "#a94442"
:success-color "#3c763d"
:warning-color "#8a6d3b"
:img-path "/img/"
:logo-bgcolor nil
:logo-name "rems_logo_en.png"
:logo-name-sm "rems_logo_en.png"
:logo-content-origin "initial"
:phase-color "#cbd0d5"
:phase-color-active "#7eadba"
:phase-color-completed "#007887"
:table-bgcolor "#a4acb5"
:table-stripe-color "#cbd0d5"
:table-text-color "#fff"}
;; Optional extra static resources directory.
:extra-static-resources nil
;; Optional extra script files loaded when UI loads
:extra-scripts {:root "/dev/null" :files []}
:extra-pages [;; example of internal page with translation in localization files
#_{:id "about"
:url "/about"
:translation-key :t.navigation/about}
;; example of an external page with inline translation
#_{:id "hello"
:url ""
:external? true
:translations {:fi "Hei", :en "Hello"}}
;; example of a local markdown file with inline translation
#_{:id "mark"
:url "/markdown/"
:file ""
:translations {:fi "Info", :en "About"}}]
:csv-separator ","}