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PAA 2017 Social Media Workshop

Chicago, Illinois

26 April 2017

This repository contains the materials prepared by Emilio Zagheni 1, Kivan Polimis 1, and Lee Fiorio 1 for the PAA 2017 Social Medial Workshop.

folder contents
Collect_Tweets Twitter API module
Estimate_Facebook_Audience Facebook Marketing API module
Intro Introduction to APIs and Demographic Research with Social Media


Hands-on activities related to accessing social media data (Twitter data and Facebook data for Advertisers).

In order to access data from Twitter and Facebook, you would need an account and you would need to get the appropriate credentials from Twitter and Facebook. To create Facebook and Twitter credentials, follow the obtain credentials instructions in each module.

Finally, in terms of software we will use mainly R/Rstudio. For one module, we will show an example using Python, as the best package is currently available only in Python. No prior knowledge of Python is expected. However, it would be helpful if you could install Python in your laptop (with the Anaconda package management system: it automatically installs modules essential to the workshop such as IPython notebooks).

1: University of Washington