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Version 0.7.5 (May 23, 2011)
Support for friend address resolution via community servers
Updated SWT to version 3.6.1 (cocoa and 64 bit on mac)
bugfix: OneSwarm will no longer stop forwarding after running for several days under heavy traffic
bugfix: [mac] OneSwarm is now a 64 bit application.
bugfix: OneSwarm no longer uses a default save directory in the application directory (windows) or Application Support directory (mac)
Version 0.7 (August 17, 2010)
Recognizing identical files in distinct swarms for faster downloads
Optional search keyword filtering
Support for queuing chat messages to offline friends, chat bugfixes and UI improvements (window resizing, persistent position)
Merged osf2f and gwtui plugins into the core jar -- eliminates the need for restarting twice during updates.
Rewritten group management -- significantly improves responsiveness for users with large shares
Swarms without permissions will be shown in the web UI in an error state with an option to repair
Reduced the size of the web UI Javascript -- reduces load times
Compression for remote access
Fixed typos in several strings, improved internationalization support
Fixed a bug that prevented default previews from being uploaded when publishing
Fixed incorrect progress estimation when skipping some files in swarms
Fixed potential hang on startup (DHT initialization)
Improved UI support for internationalization
Version 0.6.9 (November 23, 2009)
Support for publishing to community servers
Fixed bug in group management UI
At first handshake, agree on secret location to publish IP:port (instead of at SHA1(A_pubkey+B_pubkey) )
SHA1 and ed2k hash search to find swarms containing a specific file
Added --configure command line option to configure remote access on linux servers without X (Xvfb is still needed)
More localized strings (not yet complete, however)
Fixed torrent opening bugs on OSX Snow Leopard
Fixed bug preventing connections to obfuscated peers for public torrents
Fixed DHT memory leak for users with many friends
Reduced memory usage for users with large watch directories
Fixed watch directory bug preventing hashing of some directories on Windows
Support for sharing and searching files with 4-byte characters in the names
Version 0.6.7 (October 9, 2009)
Localizations for French, Dutch, Swedish, German, Russian, and Italian
1-click setup for new installations
Speed test support to automatically set upload rate limit
Improved privacy against colluding limited friends
Chat notifications in the system tray
Improvements to friend group UI
Preliminary right click menu for swarm actions (disabled by default, doesn't work in all browsers)
Preliminary drag and drop tag management (disabled by default)
Preliminary support for IE8
Fixed compatibility issues with Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
Remote access bugfixes (now works with Safari)
Fixed search bug where incomplete/stalled/broken downloads were returned as search results
Version 0.6.5 (August 3, 2009)
support for email invites
preliminary support for magnet:// and oneswarm:// links (not yet exposed in the UI)
redesigned settings UI
startup speed improvements, particularly when sharing many files
bugfix: download appear to have completed instantly, stuck in error state
bugfix: downloading a single file from a collection creates many size 0 files
bugfix: unable to enable/disable developer updates
bugfix: forwarding and local uploads given equal priority
bugfix: several deadlocks and race conditions
bugfix: low utilization in certain situations with low capacity limits
Version 0.6.2 (July 1, 2009)
New features in version 0.6.2:
Support for community servers
A friends table that enables multi-friend operations, sorting by ratio, last date connected, etc.
Rebuilt web UI with GWT 1.6
Friend groups
Remote access now permits saving files to the local machine
Version 0.6 (April 12, 2009)
New features in version 0.6:
Secure point-to-point chat
Virtual directory hierarchies (i.e., tags)
Set non-default save location during downloads
Multi-key import
Limit remote access based on IP ranges
Change remote access password method from crypt -> SHA1+MD5 (for long password support)
Option to not stream media files (improves performance when there are few sources)
Fix 'waiting for handshake' bug that inhibits downloading if the client has been active for a while
Fix parallel connections being closed too aggressively (causes friends to be disconnected)
Fix rate limit not honored when there is a lot of downloading and forwarding going on
Many miscellaneous bugfixes
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