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This code repository contains a Linkset - a specialised Dataset linking objects in two other Datasets.

This Linkset contains SKOS mapping properties between Concepts in the AGIFT and Concepts in the COFOG-A vocabularies.

AGIFT, "Australian Governments' Interactive Functions Thesaurus", from the National Archives of Australia (NAA), is a "three-level hierarchical thesaurus that describes the business functions carried out across Commonwealth, state and local governments in Australia".

The COFOG-A is an Australian version of the UN's Statistical office's COFOG, "Classification of the Functions of Government", issued by the from the Australian Bureau of Statistics in the Australian System of Government Finance Statistics: Concepts, Sources and Methods which is represented as a SKOS vocabulary online at

Linkset relations

This Linkset uses only SKOS Mapping Properties to map between AGIFT & COFOG-A. Only the following properties are used:

  • skos:closeMatch
  • skos:exactMatch
  • skos:broadMatch
  • skos:narrowMatch
  • skos:relatedMatch

See example-data-unreified.ttl for 5 simple examples from the Linkset or example-data.ttl for the same 5 examples presented in reified form, that is with per-link metadata, such as time of creation and method used.

Repository Contents

This repository contains the following files and folders:

  • - this file
  • imports/ - background information: the AGIFT & COFOG-A vocabularies as RDF (turtle) files
  • data.ttl - this Linkset's links as an RDF (turtle) file
  • header.ttl - this Linkset’s data.ttl header information, stored separately for ease of access
  • example-data.ttl - 5 Statements from the Linkset for ease of access, in RDF (turtle) format, as per the main data file but none of the whole-of-Linkset information
  • example-data-unreified.ttl - 5 Statements from the Linkset but flattened, 'unreified', for even easier use
  • methods/ - a folder containing the notes, scripts (Python) and interim data used to create this Linkset

Rights & License

The content of this repository is licensed for use under the Creative Commons 4.0 License. See the license deed all details.

Please note:

The content of AGIFT itself is taken directly from the NAA's delivery of AGIFT at

The content of COFOG-A itself is derived from the Australian Bureau of Statistics' Australian System of Government Finance Statistics: Concepts, Sources and Methods.


Technical contact:
Nicholas Car
CSIRO Land & Water, Environmental Informatics Group


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