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A pure SKOS rendition of the Classification of the Functions of Government vocabulary

COFOG, "Classification of the Functions of Government", is a United Nations Statistics Division-issued vocabulary used to "...distinguish between the individual and collective services provided by general government and identifies consumption expenditures that benefit individual households...". This representation of COFOG is as a pure Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) vocabulary meaning that the content is presented witn only SKOS and simple annotation properties.

This SKOS-only version of COFOG was produced by editing a Registry Ontology version of SKOS presented at The reason for this re-presentation is to provide a simpler representation of COFOG for those familiar with SKOS but not the Registry Ontology.

Rights & License

The content of this repository is licensed for use under the Creative Commons 4.0 License. See the license deed all details.

Please note that the content of COFOG itself is a UN Statistics Division product.


Technical contact:
Nicholas Car
CSIRO Land & Water, Environmental Informatics Group

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