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LongSpine Overarching Ontology
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LongSpine Overarching Ontology

An abstract model of the Longitidunal Spine of Government Functions project's main content.

This Web Ontology Language (OWL) model is a high-level (abstract or 'upper') model that describes the general classes of object and relations between them that all LongSpine Datasets implement.

This model declares ony a couple of its own classes and properties and inherits most of its content from existing, well-known and models, such as Thge Organization Ontololgy.


Figure 1 is an informal overview of the content of this ontology. See Figure 2 further below for the formal ontology diagram.

Figure 1: Conceptual overview of the LongSpine Overarching Model

Repository content

Ontology definition

Figure 2: Ontology diagram of the LongSpine Ontology


An example:

This overarching model would relate the example fact that Government Unit X is associated with Function Y like this:

<GovernmentStructuralUnit_X> <assigned> <GovernmentFunction_Y> .

The National Archives of Australia's Commonwealth Record Series Ontology contains CommonwealthOrganisation and Function classes of object so if it were describing the relation above, it could do it like this:

<CommonwealthOrganisation_X> <performs> <Function_Y> .

Where CommonwealthOrganisation is a specialised type of GovernmentStructuralUnit, Function (as defined in the CRS Ontolgy) is a specialised form of GovernmentFunction and performs is the CRS Ontology synonym for assigned.

Formal ontology diagram

The formal diagram for this ontology is Figure 2 below. It should obviously correlate to the overview diagram above in Figure 1 however it conveys the formal modelling in the longspine.ttl RDF file defining this ontology.

Figure 2: OWL diagram of the classes and properties in this LongSpine Ontology


This ontology and all other content in this repository are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) (local copy of deed: LICENSE).


Nicholas Car
Senior Experimental Scientist
CSIRO Land & Water, Brisbane, Australia

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