Deployment tools for WESC data nodes for delivering water/energy consumption and supply data
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#WESC Data Node deployment

This repository provides a standardised method for deploying a Spatial Information Services Stack (SISS) configured for WESCML ( for SF-0.

##Pre-requisite: wesc-sf0-node requires running on a Linux environment supporting Docker. This package has been tested using Ubuntu Linux 14.10.

In order to use wesc-sf0-node, first install:

##Run Execute the ./ script

Once the run script finishes, you should have a tailored SISS stack (PostgreSQL DB, Geoserver and Apache instances configured for WESCML) running. To test if this is working - in a browser try: https://localhost:8110/geoserver


If you need to co-ordinate multiple wesc node deployments, this repo has text files to specify the details.


  • This file takes tab-separated parameters (<name> <etl-config id> <exposed port number>) each row and deploy a node
  • To add a new node, simply add a new row with details to the ETL files and port numbers
  • Example: sydney-ex combinedmeterreadings-sydneywater-lga 8110


  • This file contains the etl-config details for each deployment and contains details for 4 fields:
    • etl-config id. This is used to map a node with the spcific wesc element - combinedmeterreadings, watersupply or electricitysupply
    • name. Description for the etl-config
    • etlgenerate. This points to relative path to the directory containing the etl script
    • etlscript. This points to relative path to the SQL etl script as output.
  • Example: { "id": "combinedmeterreadings-sydneywater-lga", "name": "Example Sydney Consumption Data for water", "etlgenerate": "example/", "etlscript": "combinedmeterreadings-sydney-lga.sql" },

##Suggested citation

Yu, Jonathan; Leighton, Ben; Mirza, Fareed; Singh, Ramneek. Tools for enabling rapid deployment of water and energy consumption and supply data services. In: MODSIM 2015; 29/11/15 to 4/12/15; Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand (MSSANZ); 2015. pp. 781-787.

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