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Water and Energy Supply and Consumption info model - A data standard for water and energy supply and consumption.


The Water and Energy Supply and Consumption (WESC) data standard has been developed by CSIRO to support a common represention of data for supply and consumption of water and energy and its delivery via standardised OGC services.

The WESC information model allows for data to be delivered in a consistent format and is the basis for the exchange format (XML schemas) for encoding datasets.

A key component of WESC is the set of agreed and shared WESC vocabularies used to encode the content for each XML instance, such as result method used to measure a meter reading and units of measure.

Tools have been developed to support use of WESCML and to help data custodians deploy data infrastructure configured for WESCML. docker-geoserver allows data custodians to create a deployment of Geoserver using Docker containerization technologies. wesc-sf0-node extends docker-geoserver with configurations of the WESCML-SF0 data model so that data custodians can plug in their WESC datasets and deliver them via WESCML and standardised OGC web services at a push of a button thus speeding up and easing the process of data provision.

See also wescml.org for an overview.

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