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Campaign Manager (CM)

Campaign Manager (CM) provides Single dash-board for Political leadership-in the run-up to the elections.

  • You can use this open source application and set it up in your own server(setup instructions are below).
  • AVS Labs Pte Ltd( also offers the Campaign Manager SAAS in a nominal price.
  • Customization: You can also contact AVS Labs, if you need customized version ( it can be done in a nominal price).

Key benefits for political party leadership –

  • Delegates different tasks to party hierarchy with delivery deadlines
  • Tracks progress and provides auto alerts to leader on tasks’ status
  • Prioritizes constituency tasks in a criticality matrix, for better focus
  • Provides simple dashboard to manage election campaign, by any parameter – Issue/Delegate/Constituency/Criticality


Setup Requirements

  • OS: Debian 9 or higher version (or can be installed in other Linux variants)
  • Server: Apache (latest version)
  • Server-Side Scripting Engine: PHP 7.x
  • Database: Mariadb 10.3 or higher version

Step 1:

Download the web source code and place in a directory, for example: /opt/cm/web/ Edit the web/App/Config.php file and modify the Database configuration details (create the database called "cm" first : mysql> create database cm;).

Step 2:

Configure the apache with following or similar configuration so that it will mark "/opt/cm/web/public" as root of the publicly exposed directory(don't expose the root directory to public).

    DocumentRoot /opt/cm/web/public
    <Directory /opt/cm/web/>
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride All
    Require all granted

Step 3:

Create a folder called "data" above the web folder(exmaple: /opt/cm/data/" and ensure the apache server has full permission over this directory (ensure this directory is NOT publicly accessible).

Step 4:

Edit the "web/App/Config.php" file and set the debug mode to true. Once everything is ready, go to "http(s)://[SERVER_ADDRESS]/setup/". Enter the Super Admin username and password then click Setup.

Step 5:

If everything goes well, you should be able to see success message. Then disable the debug mode by setting DEBUG_MODE value to false in "web/App/Config.php" file.

Step 6:

Go to "http(s)://[SERVER_ADDRESS]/" and login with super admin.

Step 7:

Create organization and add an admin user to the organization. Once done, log out from the super admin.

Step 8:

Log in into the "http(s)://[SERVER_ADDRESS]/" with the newely created admin credentials.


Constituency Addition


Login with the above admin credentials

Step 2:

Select “Constituency->Add” Menu

Step 3:

Fill the constituency name and party strength(strong,moderate/weak) in the constituency


Feeder account:

• Feeder account is used by party workers at party level. 
• This account can be used for adding new feed and view their tasks.
• If there is a task, the feeder can mark as completed after finishing the work or give feedback to the admin.

Creating a Feeder Account:

	(at least one constituency should be there in order to add feeder account)

	Step 1:
		Select “Users->Add” Menu

	Step 2:
		Fill the form , select the role as Feeder

	Step 3:
		Click “Add” button

Admin account:

• The admin user can view the feeds given by feeders. 
• Admin can create new task or task based on the feed
• Admin dashboard allows to view the overdue tasks, completed tasks that are yet to be verified by the admin, other tasks that are still not resolved.
• Admin can create constituencies 
• Admin can create feeder, data entry(subadmin) accounts

Creating Admin Account:	

	Step 1:
		Select “Users->Add” Menu

	Step 2:
		Fill the form , select the role as Admin

	Step 3:
		Click “Add” button

Data Entries/subadmin account:

• The data entry account can add a feed on behalf of the feeders.

Creating The Account:	

	Step 1:
		Select “Users->Add” Menu

	Step 2:
		Fill the form , select the role as Subadmin

	Step 3:
		Click “Add” button

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