Gentoo overlay for Valve's Steam client and Steam-based games
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Gentoo overlay for Valve's Steam client and Steam-based games. Stable ebuilds are also transferred to Gamerlay overlay (repo).

Using the overlay

To use this overlay follow the instructions at Layman with custom git repo. You can use steam-overlay.xml for convenience.

To install, emerge steam-meta ebuild.

Troubleshooting Steam

If you have problems, please take a look at, Gentoo Forums thread and Arch Wiki.

The correspondig bugzilla entry is here: Bug #442176

Contribute to this overlay

If you want to suggest changes, like new dependencies or game-related stuff, please send a github pull request with explanation/proof why this is necessary, so we can discuss it. Determine correct behavior and dependencies can be tricky, therefore we'd like to discuss and wait for confirmation of others before adding modifications or new ebuilds.


  • master: current stable versions, should equal the ebuilds in gamerlay overlay