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topalias - Linux alias generator from bash/zsh command history with statistics, written on Python.


  • Generate short alias for popular command from bash/zsh shell history
  • Command history statistics & analytics
  • Parametrised input
  • Console help for all commands, options and arguments
  • Shell workflow hints


From repository:

pip3 install -U --user topalias

From source:

git clone
python3 topalias/ install --user

Run as python script without install:

git clone
python3 topalias/topalias/ -h

Install requirements

sudo apt install python3 python3-pip -y

Add PATH environment variable for run Python tools as Linux utility:

echo "export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/.local/bin" >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc


generated bash aliases

Without parameters utility check if you use alias in ~/.bash_aliases - analyze and print usage statistics, then find new simple aliases

python3 -m topalias  # run as python module
topalias  # check aliases and print suggestion bash command history
topalias -h  # print help
topalias --zsh  # work with zsh shell command history
topalias --min=2  # set minimal length for generated acronym filter, so that exclude some short command and find long, hard, usable command
topalias --debug history  # only analyze local bash history and print filtered rows

Files path search order:

  • directory from execution parameter
  • .bash_history in . current directory
  • .bash_history in ~ user home directory
  • example development files in topalias/data

You can change dot files search path to another user home directory:

topalias -f /home/user  # or topalias --path /home/user

Also you can use topalias utility in Bash for Git on Windows and in WSL.


Usage: topalias [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]

  -l, --min INTEGER     Print alias acronym not less that value. Default: 1
  -c, --count INTEGER   Print specified number acronym suggestions. Default:

  --filter              Filter used aliases in history. Default: False
  -z, --zsh             Use zsh shell history file .zsh_history. Default:

  -f, --path TEXT       Change custom directory for files: .bash_aliases,
                        .bash_history, .zsh_history

  --version             Print current program version and check latest on

  --debug / --no-debug  Enable debug strings in output.
  -h, --help            Show this message and exit.

  hint     Print all hints.
  history  Print bash history file.
  version  Get program current and available version.


  • check if alias name already used
  • check if alias already added
  • add any another acronym algorithm with semantic
  • more statistics & analytics (used dir, utils, parameters, time)
  • alias max length parameter
  • command ignore list flag: top, emacs, vim
  • often used command "ssh username@servername" suggest add to .ssh/config/




Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Sergey Chudakov

💻 🚇 🤔 🚧 📦

Sergey Morozik


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