Equalize column heights across multiple rows
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Features (Demo)

  • Equalize column heights across multiple rows (originally from this post)
  • Resize column heights when the page is resized. Can be disabled for fixed width layouts.
  • Choose between height (default), outer height or inner height.
  • Set a minimum or maximum height of a column, with an css class added when content overflows for additional styling.
  • Set a breakpoint to disable the Equalizer plugin when the wrapping element size is below a set width.


Change Log

See the change log for a complete list of changes.

Version 1.2.5 (10/4/2013)

  • I apparently just closed issue #21... typo fix!

Version 1.2.4 (10/4/2013)

  • Parsing of jQuery version is now properly done internally. Fixes issue #2.

Version 1.2.3 (1/18/2013)

  • Updated to use jQuery 1.9.
  • Tested successfully with jQuery 2.0 beta 1 (not in IE).
  • More tweaks to the manifest file to get it to register with the plugin site.

Version 1.2.2 (1/18/2013)

  • Another attempt to register the plugin - version bump needed.

Version 1.2.1 (1/18/2013)

Version 1.2 (1/3/2013)

  • Updated demos to use jQuery 1.8+. Also, satisfactorily tested the demos with jQuery 1.9 beta 1.
  • Added breakpoint and disabled options:
    • If the breakpoint option contains a value, in pixels, the Equalizer plugin will disable itself when the main wrapper element width is below this value; it's the .wrapper in the setup examples.
    • When the breakpoint is reached, the class name from the disabled option is applied to the main wrapper element.
    • Added an adaptive demo to show how this works together.
    • If the main wrapper element is the browser window, then you can use media queries to change the style of the columns inside the wrapper.
    • Enhancement request from issue #1.
  • Added a method to enable or disable the Equalizer plugin.

    • To completely disable or re-enable the Equalizer plugin, trigger the desired event on the wrapper element:

      // to disable trigger disable.equalizer
      // use enable.equalizer to make it work again

Version 1.1 (1/12/2012)

  • Big change made in the plugin structure to better allow multiple instances.

    • Changed how the plugin is called. Call the plugin on the wrapper with the jQuery selector within the wrapper. The elements selected by the columns option will be equalized.

        // old format = $('.wrapper > div')
        // new format below
            // find divs that are the immediate children of the wrapper
            columns : '> div'
    • Added a method to resize the columns

        // initialize the plugin
        $('.wrapper').equalizer({ resizable: false });
        // update column heights on button click
          // use the data object
          // or call the plugin again, any new options will be ignored
          // $('.wrapper').equalizer();