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Simple horizontal slider which grows up the current box when it's in focus (image, title & text) and back down when it's not in focus.
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Usage & Options (Demo)

    startPanel  : 1,     // start with this panel
    width       : 800,   // overall width of movingBoxes
    panelWidth  : .5,    // current panel width adjusted to 50% of movingBoxes width
    reducedSize : .8,    // non-current panel size: 80% of current panel size
    imageRatio  : 4/3,   // Image ratio set to 4:3
    speed       : 500,   // animation time in milliseconds
    fixedHeight : true,  // if true, slider height set to max panel height; if false, slider height will auto adjust.
    hashTags    : true,  // if true, hash tags are enabled
    wrap        : false  // if true, the panel will "wrap" (it really rewinds/fast forwards) at the ends


  • Uses standard index (starts from one)
  • Get/Set:

    var panel = $('.slider').data('movingBoxes').currentPanel();  // returns # of currently selected/enlarged panel
    var panel = $('.slider').data('movingBoxes').currentPanel(2); // returns # and scrolls to 2nd panel
  • External Controls

    $('.slider').data('movingBoxes').goForward(); // go forward one slide (if possible)
    $('.slider').data('movingBoxes').goBack();    // go back one slide (if possible)


  • Original Script by Chris Coyier
  • Modified into a plugin by Rob Garrison (aka Mottie)


  • Version 1.5.1 (10/15/2010)

    • Added fixedHeight option, which if true will set the overall slider height to the tallest panel.
    • Adjusted navigation arrow css to use a percentage from top of slider instead of calculating it in the script (removed).
  • Version 1.5 (10/13/2010)

    • Added panel height auto-resizing, in case there is extra text inside a panel - thanks dlopez2000!
    • Added hashTags option to enable hash tags which works with multiple sliders - thanks dlopez2000!
    • Added wrap option for psuedo wrapping of the panel when it reaches the end - making it really wrap like the AnythingSlider would bloat the code way too much.
    • Added external controls to allow calling goForward() or goBack() functions to control the slider. See example above.
    • Removed image arrow URLs from the options. Modified arrow image to include a hover state, then added it to the CSS.
    • Fixed some problems with IE8 (and compatibility mode).
    • Fixed IE keyboard navigation.
    • Cleaned up and separated the CSS (demo CSS is in a separate file now).
  • Version 1.4 (8/26/2010)

    • Reduced the amount of HTML markup - Internalized with CSS adjustment of elements (e.g. arrow images)
    • Added left and right navigation arrow urls to the options. The images are added as by the script in an attempt to reduce the amount of required HTML markup
    • Removed sizing options (movingDistance, curWidth, curImgWidth, curTitleSize, curParSize).
    • Added options to set overall width (width), panelWidth (50% of overall width), reducedSize (80% of currently displayed panel), imageRation (4:3 ratio to resize images to properly fit the panel).
    • Added keyboard support for multiple sliders (added back arrow keys and spacebar; but not the enter key as it will follow the external links)
    • Added panel centering to fix issue #2.
    • Updated the index.html to give examples of different movingBox sizes and image ratios.
  • Version 1.3 (6/21/2010)

    • Significant rewrite & conversion to a plugin (based off of
    • Removed keyboard support, it would look wierd having mulitple panels moving. Maybe someone has a better method?
    • Added method to get/set current displayed panel
  • Version 1.2 (2/17/2009)

    • Keyboard support added, arrow keys, spacebar, and enter key
    • Code cleaned up, number of panels and initial widths/sizes are no longer hard coded, so easier to build upon
    • Clicking on non-active left or right panels also triggers animation
  • Version 1.1 (2/16/2009) - Issue with double clicking fixed. Next animation can only start when current animation is complete.

  • Version 1.0 (2/16/2009) - Script released to public
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