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Simple horizontal slider which grows up the current box when it's in focus (image, title & text) and back down when it's not in focus.

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MoxingBoxes jQuery Plugin


(Only the most recent changes are shown below, see the wiki page for a complete listing)

Version 2.1 (6/10/2011)

  • The script now prevents changing slides before it completes initialization. Fix for issue #29.
  • Removed element specific resizing:
    • Removed imageRatio option. Set the image using a percentage width and it will adjust the height automatically to maintain the image's aspect ratio.
    • In the script, the portion which set the height of images was removed. So now all panel content is set using css percentage values (or "em" for font sizes).
    • Moved CSS, including .mb-inside img {} to the demo.css since the layout now allows images of any size inside the panels. The dimensions should now be set in the css using a percentage value.
    • MovingBoxes will update a second time once the page has completely loaded. This now causes a vertical height resizing animation in webkit browsers. One way to work around this is to set the image height of the "current" panel - see the demo.css file.
  • Removed panelType options as the script now automatically looks for immediate children of the initialized element. You shouldn't even notice a difference.
  • Moved all demo related files into a demo folder.

Version 2.0.5 (6/9/2011)

  • Fixed margins when MovingBoxes gets updated. Fix for issue #30.

Version 2.0.4 (5/7/2011)

  • Fixed hash tags which apparently broke in the last version =/

Version 2.0.3 (4/22/2011)

  • Adjusted width of MovingBoxes internal wrapper to fix issue #24.
  • Restructured the plugin to allow updating MovingBoxes after adding or removing a panel.
    • To use, simply call the plugin a second time without any options: $('.slider').movingBoxes();
    • These new changes now require a minimum of jQuery version 1.4.2 (due to the use of "delegate()").
  • Restructured the layout of MovingBoxes.
    • Previously, two divs were wrapped inside of the element the MovingBoxes plugin was called on. The structure was like this: #slider-one.movingBoxes.mb-slider > DIV.mb-scroll > DIV.mb-scrollContainer > .mb-panel.
    • It worked, but when the element was a UL it became poorly formed HTML, because it added two divs inside the UL which wrapped all of the LI's.
    • This restructuring actually only required minor changes to the css: .mb-slider is no longer the overall wrapper, it was renamed to .mb-wrapper and .mb-scrollContainer was renamed to .mb-slider
    • The new layout is DIV.movingBoxes.mb-wrapper > DIV.mb-scroll > #slider-one.mb-slider > .mb-panel
    • When accessing the plugin object, you will still target the .mb-slider. So the methods, events & callbacks didn't change at all. You may not even notice a difference, unless you modified the css for your theme.
  • Modified the plugin so that instead of using the currentPanel() function to set the current panel, you can just call the plugin with a number (shortcut method). Both of these methods do the same thing:
    • $('.slider').data('movingBoxes').currentPanel(2, function(){ alert('done!'); });
    • $('.slider').movingBoxes(2, function(){ alert('done!'); });

Version 2.0.2 (4/8/2011)

  • Changed default box shadow to be "inset".
  • Added a separate IE stylesheet for versions < 9. Older IE versions will use a background image to add an inner shadow. It is using a png file, so it may not work properly in all older versions.

Version 2.0.1 (3/31/2011)

  • Added more width to the scroll container. Fix for issue #19.
  • Centered the image... silly css problem. Fix for issue #20.
  • Moving boxes will no longer scroll when using the space bar or arrow keys inside an input, selector or textarea. Fix for issue #22.

Version 2.0 (3/11/2011)

  • Made all css class name more unique by adding a "mb-" in front. Fix for issue #15.
  • Removed font-size animation, and set percentage font sizes in the css. This reduces the amount of scripting and speeds up the script. CSS comments added to make these changes more clear.
  • Removed panelTitle and panelText options as these sizes are now controlled as percentages in the CSS.
  • Removed panels class name from HTML markup. It is now mb-panels and automatically added by the script.
  • Added panelType option. This is the jQuery selector used to find the panels.

    • The default value is "> div" which means target the immediate children (">") only if they are divs "div".
    • For example, the first demo is now an unordered list (ul#slider-one & li) with it's panelType set to "> LI" (the immediate childen of the UL).
    • The second demo example has divs inside of a div#slider-two. So panelType is not set in the options.
    • If the ">" (immediate children selector) is not used, any panels that have matching elements ("LI" within a list inside the panel) will also be targeted and likely break the MovingBoxes appearance.
    • If there are any issues with panels not being found, then set panelType to something like ".myPanel", then just add the "myPanel" class to panel.
  • Added a "movingBoxes" namespace to all events

    • The triggered events are now as follows: initialized.movingBoxes, initChange.movingBoxes, beforeAnimation.movingBoxes and completed.movingBoxes.
    • The "tar" event variable is now available in all events (it wasn't included in the initialized and completed events before).
    • Use it as follows:

      $('#slider').bind('completed.movingBoxes', function(e, slider, tar){
          // e.type = "completed", e.namespace = "movingBoxes"
          // tar = target panel# which is the same as current panel (slider.curPanel) when "completed" event is called
          alert('Now on panel #' + slider.curPanel);
    • Note that the callback names haven't changed (don't add a ".movingBoxes" to the end when adding the callback name in the initialization options.

          // tar = target panel# which is the same as current panel (slider.curPanel) when "completed" event is called
          completed : function(e, slider, tar) { alert('now on panel ' + tar); }
  • Added a "slider" variable to the set method callback:

        // returns panel#, scrolls to 2nd panel, then runs callback function
        // panel also contains the current slide #, but it's not accessible inside the callback
        var panel = $('.slider').data('movingBoxes').currentPanel(2, function(slider){
            alert('done! now on slide #' + slider.curPanel); // callback
  • Fixed a problem in Opera where the top half of the panel would be out of view.

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