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Simple horizontal slider which grows up the current box when it's in focus (image, title & text) and back down when it's not in focus.

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MoxingBoxes jQuery Plugin


(Only the most recent changes are shown below, see the wiki page for a complete listing)

Version 2.2.7 (2/21/2012)

  • Clicking on the side panels that are completely wrapped in a link should no longer open that link. Attempt to fix issue #67.

Version 2.2.6 (2/21/2012)

  • Clicking on panels to switch will now trigger callbacks. Fix for issue #66.

Version 2.2.5 (1/13/2012)

  • Fixed a problem with multiple initializations.
  • Remove the name attribute from inputs in cloned panels.

Version 2.2.4 (1/10/2012)

  • Fixed a bug introduced in the last update where the last panel would be misaligned when scrolling in the previous direction.

Version 2.2.3 (1/10/2012)

  • Added initAnimation option:
    • When true (default), MovingBoxes will show the initial animation starting from the first panel and sliding into the current panel (as determined by the hash or startPanel option).
    • If false, no animation will be seen and MovingBoxes will start on the appropriate panel.
  • The update method now has a flag to prevent callbacks from firing and also has it's own callback:

    • Set the flag to false to prevent the built-in callbacks (initChange, beforeAnimation & completed) from firing during the update. This flag is useful if you plan to call the update method a lot, like when the window resizes.
    • The callback for the update is used as follows:

      // update(flag, callback);
      $('#slider').data('movingBoxes').update(false, function(slider){
        alert('update complete');
  • Fixed clicking on links in the current panel would go to the next panel. Fix for issue #60.

  • Updated method of plugin initialization to hopefully ensure that the completed callback will not fire until after initialization. Update for issue #57.
  • Fixed a problem where the navigation was clearing the current panel after using the update method.
  • Hopefully fixed the problems brought up in issue #49. So using this bit of code will allow you to set the MovingBoxes width as a percentage value.

        // get MovingBoxes plugin object
        var slider = $('.slider').data('movingBoxes');
        // set overall width to 50% of the browser width
        slider.options.width = $(window).width() * 0.5;
        // set panel Width to be 50% of MovingBoxes width (which ends up being 25% of browser width; 50% x 50%)
        // OR you can set the panelWidth to a px amount, say 300 instead of a fraction: "slider.options.panelWidth = 300"
        slider.options.panelWidth = 0.5;
        // update the slider; include false flag to prevent built-in callbacks from firing (optional)
      }).resize(); // trigger window resize to do the initial resizing.

Version 2.2.2 (1/3/2012)

  • Removed the width and panelWidth options.

    • The width and panel width are now set using css
    • The plugin is still backwards compatible, so setting the width and panelWidth in the option will still override the css settings.
    • Updated the movingboxes.css with the following css:

      /* Default MovingBoxes wrapper size */
      #movingboxes {
        width: 900px;
        min-height: 200px;
      /* Default MovingBoxes panel size */
      #movingboxes > li {
        width: 350px;
    • So, the width still should not be set to a percentage, e.g. width: 100%, because it will not update when the window resizes.

    • Here is a demo of how to resize the slider on the fly.
    • Please note that the overall width can now be much much wider than the panel, so please DON'T use the wrap option in this case because it just doesn't look good.
    • Fixed for issue #49.
  • The completed callback will no longer run immediately after initialization. Fix for issue #57.
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