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The Printliminator is a simple tool you can use to make websites print better. One click to activate, and then click to remove elements from the page, remove graphics, and apply better print styling.


Get the:


  • Bookmarklet: due to Content Security Policy directives on some sites, the Printliminator bookmarklet script is not able to load on some sites (e.g. GitHub). To get around this problem, use the Chrome or Opera extension. Hopefully, Firefox & Safari extensions/addons will quickly follow.
  • Chrome/Opera extension: if a popup window is opened for printing, like Yahoo mail does, then the extension will not work in the popup. An issue was submitted and it sounds like they will be providing a fix.

To Do

  • Support more languages: waiting for willing users to help!
  • Create Firefox & Safari extensions.



  • Pull requests are welcome!
  • Provide additional translations via Transifex or with a pull request.

Recent Changes

Version 4.0.5 (10/11/2015)

  • Readme:
    • Add link to Opera extension.
    • Fix link to Transifex.
  • Demo: Add video & repo link.
  • Locales:
    • Add French locale. See pull #7; thanks yukulele!
    • Update missing locale string & fix button overflow issues
  • Include non-numpad keys for font-resizing. Fixes issue #8.
  • Fix extension messaging options.

Version 4.0.4 (9/30/2015)

  • Add screenshots of Opera extesion.
  • Rename Chrome screenshots.
  • Version bump to resubmit Opera extension.

Version 4.0.3 (9/28/2015)

  • Fix icon file name in Chrome manifest which was preventing the extension from working.
  • Added, then removed Chrome extension autoupdating code... no longer supported :(

Version 4.0.1 (9/28/2015)

  • Update your Bookmarklets as the code to execute the loaded Printliminator code has changed!
  • Big lumped changes...
    • Created Chrome & Opera extensions (no change needed to support both).
    • Grunt build to include all code for the bookmarklet & extension code in one file.
    • Added English locale file which make it easy to add additional language support.
    • A main src/options.json file now contains settings & class names used across all files.
    • Converted all css to SCSS.
    • New The Printliminator logo designed by Chris!
    • Add some basic unit testing for DOM traversing.
    • All production files are now located in the dist folder; printliminator.min.js is still located in the root.
    • Added wiki documentation.