A public list of upcoming conferences https://conferences.css-tricks.com/
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CSS-Tricks Conference Listing Site


Running Locally

If you wanna spin it up, after an npm install, you should be able to run npm start to generate and serve the site with hot reload and all that jazz.


Adding an Event

Check out /site/conferences/ for a bunch of .md files. Tossing a file in there following that format (YYYY-conf-city.md) should do the trick.

Feel free to send me PR (Pull Request) of new conferences.


  • To be listed, events need to be about front-end.
  • Events need to provide a custom Code of Conduct.

After I merge in a PR, it will trigger a Netlify build that rebuilds the production site. I also set up a Zapier thing to rebuild the site each day, which should remove old conferences as they pass automatically.

Development, Design Updates

I'm also be open to making the design better and adding nice features (sorting? automatic map generation?), but talk to me (chriscoyier@gmail.com) first about it. I just don't wanna waste your time if our ideas don't align.