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+July 15, 2016 - v1.0.0
+* Update parser-lib to v1.0.0. (XhmikosR)
+* Travis: test node.js 6 too. (XhmikosR)
+* Merge pull request #655 from britto/fix-order-alphabetical-typo (Frank van Gemeren)
+* Fix order-alphabetical rule message (João Britto)
+* Clean up .travis.yml. (XhmikosR)
+* Update devDependencies. (XhmikosR)
+* More formatting tweaks to improve readability. (XhmikosR)
+* Update dist files. (XhmikosR)
+* Update Travis config. (XhmikosR)
+* Update devDependencies. (XhmikosR)
+* Minor style tweaks. (XhmikosR)
+* Merge pull request #606 from Arcanemagus/json-formatter (XhmikosR)
+* Gruntfile.js: clean up tasks. (XhmikosR)
+* Run `grunt`. (XhmikosR)
+* Update devDependencies. (XhmikosR)
+* Handle multiple files (Landon Abney)
+* Output errors even with --quiet (Landon Abney)
+* Merge pull request #534 from sergeychernyshev/master (XhmikosR)
+* Add rule ID reporting for rollups and URLs for rules that have corresponding wiki pages (Sergey Chernyshev)
+* Merge pull request #564 from cwygoda/feature/ignore (Frank van Gemeren)
+* Add ignore capability (Christian Wygoda)
+* Add a JSON formatter (Landon Abney)
+* Whitespace cleanup. (XhmikosR)
+* Merge pull request #630 from akrawitz/allow-statement (Frank van Gemeren)
+* Run `grunt`. (XhmikosR)
+* Update grunt-contib-jshint to v0.12.0. (XhmikosR)
+* Merge pull request #637 from mrennie/issue584b (Frank van Gemeren)
+* Provide a Contributor License Agreement #584 (updated naming) (Mike Rennie)
+* Merge pull request #631 from gurdiga/unqualified-attrs-fix (Frank van Gemeren)
+* Consider selectors containg #id or .class qualified (review tweaks) (Vlad GURDIGA)
+* Merge pull request #441 from dashk/master (XhmikosR)
+* Add new rule to detect if number of @import has exceeded the limit in IE6-9 (DashK)
+* Merge pull request #568 from jawshooah/fix-json-options (XhmikosR)
+* Closes #567, among other things (Josh Hagins)
+* Consider selectors containg #id or .class qualified (Vlad GURDIGA)
+* Add code and tests for allow statements (akrawitz)
+* Merge remote-tracking branch 'refs/remotes/CSSLint/master' (akrawitz)
+* Run `grunt`. (XhmikosR)
+* Fix WSH. (Maxim Bulygin)
+* Merge pull request #551 from vlajos/typofixes-vlajos-20141104 (Frank van Gemeren)
+* Minor style tweaks. (XhmikosR)
+* package.json: minor cleanup. (XhmikosR)
+* Switch to for consistent badges. (XhmikosR)
+* Remove obsolete directories from .jshintignore. (XhmikosR)
+* Whitespace cleanup. (XhmikosR)
+* Fix quotes. (XhmikosR)
+* Merge pull request #409 from epriestley/master (XhmikosR)
+* Merge pull request #598 from bignimbus/master (XhmikosR)
+* Run `grunt`. (XhmikosR)
+* Move testrunner.htm's JS to a separate file. (XhmikosR)
+* tests/all-rules.js: minor refactoring. (XhmikosR)
+* Merge pull request #500 from XhmikosR/master (XhmikosR)
+* Run `grunt`. (XhmikosR)
+* Fix browser build. (XhmikosR)
+* Tweak JSHint options. (XhmikosR)
+* Simplify `use strict` statements. (XhmikosR)
+* Tweak CHANGELOG output. (XhmikosR)
+* Remove bogus test. (XhmikosR)
+* Update Gruntfile.js. (XhmikosR)
+* Get rid of the build date in dist files. (XhmikosR)
+* Enforce LF. (XhmikosR)
+* Re-organize dist directories. (XhmikosR)
+* Fix package.json license. (XhmikosR)
+* Merge pull request #576 from XhmikosR/travis (XhmikosR)
+* Add "load-grunt-tasks" and "time-grunt" plugins. (XhmikosR)
+* Fixing contact email (Nicole Sullivan)
+* Contributor code of conduct (Nicole Sullivan)
+* add test specs for whitespace in embedded rulesets #549 (Jeff Auriemma)
+* update regex for accepting whitespace in embedded rulesets #549 (Jeff Auriemma)
+* optional space between /* and csslint in embedded ruleset; fixes #549 (Jeff Auriemma)
+* Merge pull request #512 from XhmikosR/deps (Nick Schonning)
+* Update dependencies. (XhmikosR)
+* Merge pull request #545 from CSSLint/fix-yuitest-reporter (Nick Schonning)
+* YUITest: Collect the full set of failing tests (Nick Schonning)
+* Order Aphabetical: Add listeners for at-rules (Nick Schonning)
+* typo fixes - (Veres Lajos)
+* Travis: Node 0.8 NPM fix (Nick Schonning)
+* Testing: Update the YUI Test harness for Grunt (Nick Schonning)
+* Merge pull request #489 from XhmikosR/demo-split-js (Nick Schonning)
+* Tweak CSSLintDemo. (XhmikosR)
+* Move demo JS to demo.js. (XhmikosR)
+* Specify html lang. (XhmikosR)
+* Add @viewport listeners to rules (Derk-Jan Hartman)
+* Travis: Update NPM to support new dependency glob (Nick Schonning)
+* Documentation: Copy back Wiki Home (Nick Schonning)
+* WSH: Remove additional strict statement (Nick Schonning)
+* Merge pull request #504 from dmi3y/wsharraymap (Nick Schonning)
+* Merge pull request #502 from dmi3y/cliconfig (Nick Schonning)
+* Merge pull request #465 from cvrebert/defensive-copy (Nick Schonning)
+* fix typos in comments in Gruntfile (Chris Rebert)
+* clone ruleset before passing it to applyEmbeddedRuleset; fixes #458 (Chris Rebert)
+* Gruntfile: add boilerplate for clone like there is for parserlib (Chris Rebert)
+* add `clone` to dependencies in package.json (Chris Rebert)
+* add test for #458 (Chris Rebert)
+* Merge pull request #511 from cvrebert/patch-1 (Nick Schonning)
+* add NPM version badge to README (Chris Rebert)
+* Ignore diff files (Nick Schonning)
+* Merge pull request #482 from XhmikosR/jshint (Nick Schonning)
+* Merge pull request #495 from XhmikosR/selector-newline (Nick Schonning)
+* fixing conflict (dmi3y)
+* wraping up with cli tests+ (dmi3y)
+* polyfil+ (dmi3y)
+* more tests (dmi3y)
+* wraping up with cli tests+ (dmi3y)
+* cli config path #449 (dmi3y)
+* Fix test failures after the strict comparison changes. (XhmikosR)
+* Enable strict mode. (XhmikosR)
+* Enable JSHint's `eqeqeq` rule and remove `eqnull`. (XhmikosR)
+* Fix selector-newline rule. (XhmikosR)
+* Merge pull request #499 from XhmikosR/patch-2 (Nick Schonning)
+* Use the new oragnization URL. (XhmikosR)
+* Use the simpler `license` property. (XhmikosR)
+* Update to new Org URLs (Nick Schonning)
+* Merge pull request #488 from XhmikosR/camelcase (Nick Schonning)
+* Enable JSHint's `camelcase` rule. (XhmikosR)
+* Merge pull request #486 from XhmikosR/testrunner-undef (Nick Schonning)
+* Merge pull request #487 from XhmikosR/unused (Nick Schonning)
+* Remove unused variables. (XhmikosR)
+* Merge pull request #485 from XhmikosR/globals (Nick Schonning)
+* testrunner.htm: fix undefined variables. (XhmikosR)
+* Fix typo. (XhmikosR)
+* Remove global directive from tests; it's set in .jshintrc. (XhmikosR)
+* Merge pull request #484 from XhmikosR/quotmark (Nick Schonning)
+* Enable JSHint's `quotmark` rule. (XhmikosR)
+* Merge pull request #483 from XhmikosR/indent (Nick Schonning)
+* Change badges to SVG (Nick Schonning)
+* Enable JSHint's `indent` rule. (XhmikosR)
+* Update JSHint's rules. (XhmikosR)
+* Update URLs for new GitHub org (Nick Schonning)
+* Merge pull request #433 from hsablonniere/add-order-alphabetical (Nick Schonning)
+* Merge pull request #466 from hartman/test_allrules (Nick Schonning)
+* "selector-newline": look for newline characters in selectors (Jos Hirth)
+* Removed `"-*-user-select"` checks. (Cristian·Tincu)
+* Merge pull request #478 from XhmikosR/testrunner (Nick Schonning)
+* Update testrunner.htm. (XhmikosR)
+* Merge pull request #427 from XhmikosR/package.json (Nick Schonning)
+* Update dependencies. (XhmikosR)
+* Normalize package.json. (XhmikosR)
+* Merge pull request #434 from nschonni/jshint-cleanup (Nick Schonning)
+* Remove CSSLint globals directives (Nick Schonning)
+* Move JSHint config to .jshintrc and .jshintignore (Nick Schonning)
+* Bump grunt-contrib-jshint to 0.7.2 (Nick Schonning)
+* Merge pull request #430 from XhmikosR/gitignore (Nick Schonning)
+* Merge pull request #431 from XhmikosR/whitespace (Nick Schonning)
+* Merge pull request #468 from malept/singular-problem-grammar (Nick Schonning)
+* Merge pull request #428 from XhmikosR/demo (Nick Schonning)
+* Merge pull request #429 from XhmikosR/readme (Nick Schonning)
+* Text formatter: fix grammatical error with one problem (Mark Lee)
+* When testing all, probably best to actually test all and not 25 (Derk-Jan Hartman)
+* Add scott gonzalez to the contributors list (Nicole Sullivan)
+* Merge pull request #457 from scottgonzalez/jsonrc (Nicole Sullivan)
+* Support JSON for .csslintrc files. (Scott González)
+* Fix headers. (XhmikosR)
+* Add dependency badges to (XhmikosR)
+* Add alphabetical order rule (Hubert SABLONNIÈRE)
+* break long line. (XhmikosR)
+* Whitespace cleanup. (XhmikosR)
+* Update .gitignore. (XhmikosR)
+* Improve demos/CSSLintDemo.htm. (XhmikosR)
+* Update demos/CSSLintDemo.htm. (XhmikosR)
+* Merge pull request #404 from nschonni/remove-ant-build (Nicole Sullivan)
+* Merge pull request #405 from nschonni/add-readme-to-npm (Nicole Sullivan)
+* Merge pull request #356 from mo/print_rule_id_in_compact_mode (Nicole Sullivan)
+* Add "rule" attribute to "lintxml" output format (epriestley)
+* Add README copy for NPM (Nick Schonning)
+* Clean out Ant build files (Nick Schonning)
+* Print rule ID for each error/warning in normal and compact modes (Martin Olsson)
August 15, 2013 - v0.10.0
* Update (Nicole Sullivan)
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