Friendly Suggestion: "Prev" / "Next" Links within Wiki Rules? #241

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iDGS commented Feb 16, 2012

As one of the newer kids in school, I don't know if github allows for this or not. However, I'd sure appreciate links that would let me move "horizontally" from one Rule explanatory page to another. This would let me soak up more goodness without continually pogo-sticking back to the TOC. And while I'm dreaming, why not including those Rule titles too? A la blogs everywhere, and say, what we see over at:

/A Most Devoted Fan!

nzakas commented Feb 16, 2012

Unfortunately, what you're requesting is actually Github wiki functionality, of which we don't have any control. We can certainly always improve on the content of the documentation, but we're pretty handcuffed when it comes to the actual interface.

iDGS commented Feb 16, 2012

Eh. I was afraid of that. If there's a way to loft that up to the Wiki-gods as an RFE, please do tell. And thanks for your trouble.

@nzakas nzakas closed this May 1, 2012
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