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RBRACE issue using CSS3PIE #310

RowenaP opened this Issue · 3 comments

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CSSLint is reporting a number of parsing errors on the some of the calls to the CSS3PIE behavior in my stylesheet, but not all. The right brace is present at the end of each one call but CSSLint reports "Expected RBRACE at line 534, col 14" which would seem to be asking for a right brace in the middle of the line of code.

I saw in the list of issues that a similar problem had been identified with calc() - is this a similar issue? I find it interesting that this is only happening on a few of the calls to the behaviour.



Can you please file an issue that and provide the complete CSS you were using?


Thank you - that's done.


Moving discussion to parser-lib.

@nzakas nzakas closed this
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