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Formatter: Path to custom formatters #455

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In JsHint npm, the CLI option --reporter takes /path/to/my/custom/reporter.js.

In TsLint npm, the CLI option --formatters-dir takes /path/to/my/custom/formatter/ and --format takes name of my formatter (without js extension).

In JSCS, it would be --reporter /path/to/reporter.js.

Please add an option in CSSLint, so we can render the output with custom reporter situated at different location than the reporters directory under lib. See TsLint's implementation: and JSCS: am11/node-jscs@e5bdcdf



@nschonni, what is the relationship between formatter and reporter? In TsLint they have formatters and JsHint call the same thing as reporter. Here we have both in CSSLint.js. Or are they mutually exclusive concepts here?

@am11 am11 referenced this issue in madskristensen/WebEssentials2013

Investigate CoffeeLint #655

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