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Learn more about CSS Lint, its origins, and what the heck it is.

Not sure why a rule is important? This guide talks about each of the CSS Lint rules and explains how the rule is designed to improve your CSS.

Sometimes you want to make an exception for a specific rule on a specific line. Other times you want to ignore all linting for parts of your CSS. Look here for examples on how to handle these situations.

All about the command line interface for CSS Lint. If you'd rather use a CLI program to verify your CSS instead of using the web site, then this guide is your best friend.

Once you're familiar with the CSS Lint command line interface, the next step is to integrate it into your build system. This guide walks through using CSS Lint as part of your build.

You can integrate CSS Lint into your favorite IDE to make checking your CSS code quality easy. In fact, some IDEs already have CSS Lint built in.

The developer guide contains information for CSS Lint developers. If you want to contribute to the project, or even just tinker on your own, this guide explains how to get the source and work with it.

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