Disallow too many floats

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The float property is the most popular method of achieving columnar layouts using CSS. During the course of a project, more and more float elements are used to create ever-different layouts throughout a page or site. This leads to fragile CSS that is easy to break if one aspect of the layout changes.

Frequently, using too many floats is a sign that your project would benefit from a grid system. CSS grid systems standardize columnar layouts using CSS classes. Some popular grid systems are:

Using one of these grid systems can greatly reduce the amount of CSS code you need to write by hand.

Rule Details

Rule ID: floats

This rule is aimed at reducing complexity by watching how many times float is used. It warns when float has been used more than 10 times. This amount of floats usually indicates that there are a lot of columnar layouts being defined and that a grids system would be a better choice for your CSS.

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