New Release

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Creating a new release with Grunt is relatively easy. Most tasks will be done for you via automated grunt tasks.

  1. Modify the release number in package.json (we use semantic versioning, so choose your version number wisely)
  2. Run grunt release
  3. Commit the release directory and the CHANGELOG file: git commit -m "Release v<release number>"
  4. Tag the release git tag v<release number>
  5. Push the commit and the tag git push && git push --tags

If you need examples to follow you can see both the CHANGELOG and the release history on github.

Next, you are ready to release to the website. Documentation for that push process can be found in the website repo.

Releasing to NPM

  1. Login to NPM with npm adduser if you haven't already logged in on your machine
  2. git checkout v0.10.0 to get the tag/commit to publish (replace the version number with the one you are releasing).
  3. npm publish release/npm which will pack everything up and publish it to NPM