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@stephanIOA stephanIOA Updated Require all gradient definitions (markdown) 51641e8
@stephanIOA stephanIOA Updated Disallow duplicate background images (markdown) 2f6ab4d
@userpixel userpixel this was missing and took some time to figure out 1443e24
@estelle estelle Clarification that these are length unites as 0s, 0ms, 0deg, etc, all still need their units. 7693dae
@jdagerot jdagerot Added tubs to the somewhat outdated list of grid frameworks. d431ee1
@lencioni lencioni Add section about Git hook integration 7a8918b
@lukasoppermann lukasoppermann Updated link, because it was broken. 0e71c22
@anEffingChamp anEffingChamp Updated Command line interface (markdown) f27a86f
@danielflippance danielflippance Added how to respond to the result 5ddc8d2
@danielflippance danielflippance Described how to use CSS lint within a Node.js application baa3803
@ntwb ntwb Added SublimeLiner for Sublime Text 3 444040f
@ejschladweiler ejschladweiler Clarified display: table; vs. display: table-cell; Minor spelling fixes. 1f37aea
@morenoh149 morenoh149 added vim plugin to list of ide integrations ff4b9f0
@tommy-san tommy-san Revert e5a5bef80bcbdd4a1032423ecef5d673a161aa8a^ ... e5a5bef80bcbdd4a1032423ecef5d673a161aa8a on Rules cc26672
@tommy-san tommy-san Revert 7195c3fb874611d48cb085eefdd1b84b480bde7c^ ... 7195c3fb874611d48cb085eefdd1b84b480bde7c on Rules 80a4104
@aswinanand aswinanand Corrected link to "understanding the box model" 572b507
@barberboy barberboy Update docs to reflect that bulletproof-font-face was released in 0.9.10 and is no longer pending. bdb8190
@stubbornella stubbornella Updating docs related to new CSSLint organization 799e0a9
@sbrandt sbrandt Updated directory to avoid error when running npm link (see bug #440). 244e413
@yujinakayama yujinakayama Add atom-lint d2695bc
@tcarlsen tcarlsen adding link to atom package 7956da1
@JohnRiv JohnRiv Added link to compass-csslint Ruby gem for Sass & Compass integration a9e709e
@hulet hulet typo fix 705c73f
@stubbornella stubbornella Updated New Release (markdown) 701a5d2
@stubbornella stubbornella Updated New Release (markdown) ee11115
@hyunchulkwak hyunchulkwak Updated Rules (markdown) e5a5bef
@hyunchulkwak hyunchulkwak added a link to the Korean translated page ( 93acfa6
@hyunchulkwak hyunchulkwak Updated Home (markdown) 9ac0649
@hyunchulkwak hyunchulkwak Updated Home (markdown) bceb76e
@hyunchulkwak hyunchulkwak added a link to the Korean translated page ( f869bc5
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