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Words to spark your brainstorming for ideas on talk proposals.
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CSSconf Nordic — Sparks for Talk Proposals

Have something to share that you are passionate about? Check out the Call for Speakers — and submit your proposal by 31 January 2016.

Start thinking about ideas for a talk

Words to spark your brainstorming for ideas on talk proposals. This is not a list of topics. This is a list of random words to help you start thinking about ideas and concepts you want share at CSSconf Nordic.

  • abstraction, accessibility, animation, architecture, automation
  • background, base, box model, browsers, buttons, box-shadow
  • canvas, cascade, collaboration, columns, community
  • debugging, design, development, docs, DOM, dynamic, drag-and-drop
  • efficiency, embedding, engineering
  • fallbacks, flexbox, functions, fundamentals, future, first-child
  • games, git, graphs, granular, grid systems, guidelines, graphics, global
  • habits, hacks, hierarchy, HTML, history
  • icons, images, inherit, interaction, input, inline, isolation
  • JavaScript, journey, justify
  • keyboard, keyword, kilobyte, kerning
  • language, layout, learning, limitations, loading
  • maintainability, markup, minification, mixins, modules
  • :nth-child(), :not(), naming, nesting
  • objects, offline, open source, optimization
  • patterns, performance, pixels, processors, positioning, portable, progressive enhancement
  • quality, query, quotes
  • reset, responsive, resilient, resolution, robust, range, repeat
  • scalability, selectors, simple, specificity, sprites, standards, SVG, styleguide, syntax, sharing
  • teams, testing, tools, transition, typography, touch, transform
  • unicode, user experience, unicorn
  • vanilla, variables, vectors, viewport, visibility
  • webfonts, wireframes, workflow
  • x, XML, x-position
  • y, yml, y-position
  • z, z-index, zip
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