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repo for ACTF Junior 2019. Challenges, WPs, sources, etc.
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0. 题目点不了的可能是没有源码,可能是不提供源码。
1. 有非预期解欢迎PR/开issue/发邮件。
Name(Source) Type Value WriteUP Author
key-R Reverse 35
show me the code Reverse 40 github/blog 不愿透露身份的出题人
食我ida啦 Reverse 40 github/blog 不愿透露身份的出题人
simple packer Reverse 50 github/blog 不愿透露身份的出题人
simple asm Reverse 80 github/blog 不愿透露身份的出题人
stiching Reverse 80
pyre Reverse 130
关于我F5以后还是搞不懂他在想什么这档事 Reverse 150 github/blog 不愿透露身份的出题人
DJcode Reverse 200
vim PWN&Linux 30 blog mitu9527/CSUWangj
Linux基础 PWN&Linux 40
瑞士军刀 PWN&Linux 50
极光宝 PWN&Linux 90
No_more_gets1 PWN&Linux 100 github/blog CSUWangj
ed PWN&Linux 100
Special_Shell PWN&Linux 110 github/blog CSUWangj
No_more_gets2 PWN&Linux 120 github/blog CSUWangj
简单的数学题 PWN&Linux 100
SSH Web 30 github TheReturnOfTheKing
collider Web 50 github TheReturnOfTheKing
SQL Injection Web 80 github TheReturnOfTheKing
pcre Web 80 github TheReturnOfTheKing
Time Injection Web 100 github TheReturnOfTheKing
Find me! Web 100 github TheReturnOfTheKing
XXE Web 120 github TheReturnOfTheKing
HTTP闯三关 Web 150 github TheReturnOfTheKing
点赞 Web 150 github TheReturnOfTheKing
phpmyadmin Web 200 github TheReturnOfTheKing
casear Crypto 50 github/blog CSUWangj
矾书 Crypto 50 github/blog CSUWangj
反切码 Crypto 60 github/blog CSUWangj
Tiny RSA Crypto 60 github/blog CSUWangj
So called ECB Crypto 100 github/blog CSUWangj
Broken Random Crypto 120 github/blog CSUWangj
RSA Lab Crypto 120 github/blog CSUWangj
HappyBirthday Crypto 130 github/blog CSUWangj
Non-cryptography Hash Crypto 200 github/blog CSUWangj
点击英雄1存档修改 Crypto 200 / CSUWangj
签到题-------------听说长一点大家才看得见 Misc 20 blog mitu9527
keypad Misc 35 blog mitu9527
base家族 Misc 35 blog mitu9527
Wireshark Misc 50 blog mitu9527
wordHidden Misc 50 blog mitu9527
difference Misc 50 blog mitu9527
Exhaustive Misc 75 blog mitu9527
xor Misc 75 blog mitu9527
cheat Misc 80 blog mitu9527
draw Misc 150 blog mitu9527
Hidden Forensics 25 blog mitu9527
Visiting history Forensics 30 blog mitu9527
Popbox Forensics 35 github/blog CSUWangj
DoNothing Forensics 40 github/blog CSUWangj
Memory Forensics 40 github/blog CSUWangj
WireFish Forensics 40 github/blog CSUWangj
can't Forensics 40 blog mitu9527
jpg Forensics 45 blog mitu9527
png Forensics 45 blog mitu9527
jpg-1 Forensics 45 blog mitu9527
log Forensics 100 blog mitu9527


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