HouseMD is an awesome diagnosing tool better than BTrace
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HouseMD is a interactive command-line tool for dianosing Java process in runtime. It's inspiration came from BTrace, but more easier to use and more safer.


  • Display loaded classes information
    • name
    • source file(.class or .jar)
    • classloaders
  • Display invocation trace summary
    • method full name and sign
    • class loader of method declaring class
    • total invoked times
    • avg elapse millis
    • self instance
  • Output invocation detail
    • timestamp
    • elapse millis
    • call thread
    • this object
    • class name
    • method name
    • arguments
    • result or exception
  • Output invocation stack trace
  • Display object field value
  • Display enviroment variable
  • Auto-completion by typing Tab
  • navigate command history by up and down, and support Ctrl + R for searching
  • Awesome features you can provide by forking me

Test cases would show more specification details.

Getting started


  • JDK 6 +

One-command install (On Linux or MacOSX)

> curl -Lk | bash
  • Windows are not supported yet.

Normal install

  • Click here download lastest version executable jar

  • Run it as:

    java -Xbootclasspath/a:$JAVA_HOME/lib/tools.jar -jar housemd-assembly-x.x.x.jar

Caution: In Mac OSX, the -Xbootclasspath is no needed.

How to use

First all, type:

> ./housemd -h

A help infomation shows up like:

Usage: housemd [OPTIONS] pid
	a runtime diagnosis tool of JVM.
	-h, --help
		show help infomation of this command.
	-p, --port=[INT]
		set console local socket server port number.
		default: 54321
		id of process to be diagnosing.

Suppost your target pid is 1234 (you can use jps or ps get it), and then input:

> ./housemd 1234

After seen prompt housemd>, input help then you get help infomation like this:

housemd> help

quit      terminate the process.
help      display this infomation.
trace     display or output infomation of method invocaton.
loaded    display loaded classes information.
env        display system env.
inspect    display fields of a class.

You can also input help loaded and get help infomation of loaded as blow:

housemd> help loaded
Usage: loaded [OPTIONS] name
    display loaded classes information.
    -h, --classloader-hierarchies
        display classloader hierarchies of loaded class.
        class name without package name.

More about commands

Click here to see the use cases.

Having fun!