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CS Women Technical Workshop Series

The CS Women group is running a series of technical workshops designed to build every day skills that students who are introduced to computer science in an academic setting often lack. These workshops will be taught by Computer Science graduate students (and some exceptional undergraduates) of all genders. We aspire to have gender parity in our workshop instructors. Our initial cohort of instructors will have the opportunity to develop a curriculum for a diverse audience; we believe this opportunity presents an attractive supplement or alternative to teaching assistantships for students who want to become teachers.

We intend to promote a collaborative atmosphere where attendees feel comfortable taking risks. Our target level of technological literacy is that of a first-year graduate student. However, we invite all students in the Five College Consortium to attend. We intend to make our teaching resources publicly available and encourage those who have reached proficiency to lead future workshops.

#Workshop FAQ

Who is invited?

All students: all genders, all levels, anyone affiliated with the Five Colleges. The workshop series is targeted at the skill level of first year graduate students, but everyone is invited to attend. If you are not sure if you should attend, please email

Do I need to be there for the whole two hours?

We expect there to be one hour of guided activities and have another hour buffer for snacking and working on people's personal projects. If you cannot make the entire two hour block but still want to come, please specify when you expect to come on your RSVP. This isn't a lecture; we want to promote a casual environment. However, we also want attendees to be respectful of people's time. If there is too much coming and going, it can have a negative impact on the quality of the workshop. Use your best judgement.

What if I didn't attend the bootcamp?

The purpose of the bootcamp was to get people set up for the workshops we intend to teach this semester, to save time at the beginning of the workshop. You can still come to any of the workshops if you did not attend bootcamp.

What level of proficiency in the topic are you expecting attendees to have, prior to the workshop?

We expect a range: for example, in the git workshop we expect some people to have no experience with source control at all, some people to have experience with other forms of source control, and some people to be git wizards. The sessions are activity-focused and are meant to be conversational. We expect many students to be simultaneously teaching and learning.

How are topics decided?

The topics for this semester have been chosen from a survey that was sent to CS Women last semester. We are always open to new topics. If you have a suggestion, please email

I object to X about technology or service Y. Do I really need to use it?

If you prefer to use another service that supports the topic we are teaching, knock your socks off! We do ask you defer any discussion about that choice to the end of the workshop.

Why are you teaching X? Y is better.

Would you like to lead a workshop on Y? Yes? Awesome! No? Please be respectful of the instructor and defer this discussion to the end of the workshop.

When will the other workshops be held?

Most of the workshops will be held on Tuesdays, same time and place. The LaTeX workshop will be held on a Thursday, to accommodate the workshop instructor's schedule. These are the days when we have access to CS 150/151.

I want to come, but the timing is bad. Will this workshop be held again?

We certainly hope so! We'd like this to be an ongoing series where students who have attended past workshops can lead workshops in the future.

We look forward to seeing you there!