Assets 4

This version supports booting ALL current OS/CS CFW, Linux chainloading and payload tools.
No more SD card removals

Latest OFW supported: 6.2.0

New in this version

  • Full 6.2.0 support. Many thanks to @nwert and @balika011 for their help!
    -Supports Secure Monitor and new Exosphere
    -Supports booting 6.2.0 with less than 8 fuses
    -It has 100% success ratio
    -Added support to "Print TSEC keys" and "Dump pkg1/2" tools
  • Fixed YouTube HDCP issue. Thanks @hexkyz for taking the time to investigate.
  • Every file lister is now ignoring hidden files and .dot files. Thanks @StevenMattera
  • The Minerva Training Cell library for hekate was updated to latest version (v1.1)
  • Added "silent option to Auto HOS power off option. You can now choose if you want the logo to be shown. Thanks @Huntereb
  • Refactored the monolithic main.c to simpler grouped sections. Additionally hos.c took some love.
  • Many many bugfixes

NOTE: Everything hekate related, moved to bootloader folder.
Check for more.