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This version supports booting ALL current OS/CS CFW, Linux chainloading and payload tools.
No more SD card removals

Latest OFW supported: 7.0.1

New in this version

  • Full 7.0.0/7.0.1 support.
    The keys are generated via Atmosphère's sept.
  • Additionally the sept/payload.bin, if found that it is hekate, it gets updated via update.bin.
  • Reboot to a selected boot entry via HOS hb
    You can now force a boot configuration on hekate by setting the boot storage in the hekate binary.
    This can be done via a homebrew, which sets the ini entry that is desired to boot.
    Additionally force boot to menu can also be achieved. Please check for more
  • Auto NoGC
    It checks fuses and applies the patch automatically if higher firmware.
    It is now a global config and set on auto by default. (0: Disabled, 1: Auto)
  • Fixed a bug with ini list, where it would hang when using wildcard * with kip1=.
  • Quality of life fixes under the hood, that ease user's life.
  • As always many bug fixes and some refactoring.

Backlog from v4.6svc beta:

  • svcControlCodeMemory patches that helps dynarec on emulators.
  • Fixed sleep mode with debug mode when official 6.X.X secmon is used
  • Added RTC driver which now also disables wake up alarm when Auto HOS Power Off is used
    Helps when users that use AutoRCM inject and power off pretty fast.
  • Fixed GPU on Linux when booting from warmboot
  • Added missing fallback auto calibration of sd cards and plus some small fixes.

Check for more.

NOTE: You will need sept and a custom warmboot binary to boot 7.X.X.

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