@CTCaer CTCaer released this Nov 1, 2017 · 57 commits to master since this release

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  • Full featured controls, motion sensor and calibration readings. Check your user or factory calibrations, test buttons, stick and motion sensors raw and calibrated readings.
  • Temperature readings. Check your current Joy-Con temperature or the ambient temperature (by leaving it alone for some minutes).
  • Added Battery Voltage reading.
  • Added Pro controller buttons color support
  • Small redesign of some parts for better UX
  • Added Refresh and Disconnect buttons.
  • You can now change on the fly different Joy-Con without the need to close the toolkit for refreshing info, or just refresh temperature/battery/etc. Additionally "Disconnect" also reboots your device.
  • Added Red Joy-Con body and buttons colors. Thanks to SciresM. If you want to keep your custom colors, add them manually: 225,15,0 | 40,10,10.
  • Added New Easter Egg. Happy SMO release!
  • Countless bugfixes and improvements