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A single static HTML homepage for CLUC data set. The domain is, which is referenced in the paper of ELIXIR Trait Implementation Study (Chao Zhang et al. 2017)
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TraIT Cell Line Use Case (CLUC) Dataset


What is CLUC dataset

Cell Line Use Case (CLUC) Dataset is a set of privacy-free high-throughput biomolecular profiling data provided by TraIT. This dataset serves as test data for developing and testing data management systems of translational research without the issues of privacy. The dataset includes results obtained from various high-resolution molecular profiling technology, such as microarrays, next generation sequencing and tandem mass spectrometry for several human cell-lines. Both the raw and interpreted data have been made available for testing purposes of biomedical research IT platforms.

The content of the dataset

Raw CLUC data

The raw data are made public in EGA via this link. You need to contact EGA Helpdesk for access to the data.

Interpreted CLUC data

Interpreted CLUC data are organized and uploaded into tranSMART v16.1. You can get a copy of tranSMART-ready data from this link, current version of tranSMART-ready data is also 16.1 How to load tranSMART-ready data into tranSMART?

A tranSMART server to showcase the metadata mapping

To showcase the metadata mapping in the paper Systematically Linking tranSMART, Galaxy and EGA for Reusing Human Translational Research Data (Chao Zhang et al.), we have prepared a tranSMART server. You could visit it via (Username: trait-guest, password: Tra1T-tranSMART)

How to cite the CLUC data?

Currently, we are preparing a data submission manuscript to fully describe and release the CLUC data.

Until this data set will become citable, you can refer to the following paper:

Hoogstrate Y, Zhang C, Senf A, Bijlard J, Hiltemann S, van Enckevort D, et al. Integration of EGA secure data access into Galaxy. F1000Res [Internet]. 2016 Dec 12 [cited 2016 Dec 21];5. Available from:

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