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Tool for exploring CHERI and BERI streamtraces.


When you clone this repository, make sure that you pass the --recurse-submodules flag to git. This will ensure that you have the copy of the cheritrace library that CheriVis is tested with as a submodule.

On any normal UNIX-like platform, CheriVis builds with GNUstep Make. If you have the core GNUstep libraries installed, then you should just be able to run [g]make to build.

You will need to have built the cheritrace library installed before you build, in a Build subdirectory of the cheritrace directory. The resulting .so file will be included in the bundle.

Building on Mac OS X

On OS X, there is an XCode project. This does not build the cheritrace library, so you must build that with CMake first. The following sequence of steps should work:

$ git clone --recurse-submodules
$ cd CheriVis/cheritrace/
$ mkdir Build
$ cd Build
$ cmake .. -DLLVM_CONFIG=path/to/CHERI-LLVM/llvm-config
$ make
$ cd ../..
$ xcodebuild

You should now have a working build/Release/ For more complex build configurations or to edit the code, open the XCode project.