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FreeBSD adapted for the CHERI CPU.
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Pull request Compare This branch is 13975 commits ahead, 2992 commits behind freebsd:master.
Latest commit a1bcf5d Apr 28, 2016 @gameboo gameboo Merge branch 'newisa'
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bin Increase the strictness of mmap() permission handling. Apr 26, 2016
cddl MFV 295046: 6358 A faulted pool with only unavailable vdevs triggers Jan 29, 2016
contrib Merge branch 'newisa' Apr 28, 2016
crypto Merge OpenSSL 1.0.2f. Jan 29, 2016
ctsrd Introduce a typedef for virtual addresses (vaddr_t). Mar 10, 2016
etc Use '^[>+][^+]' instead of '^[>+]' with grep(1) when filtering the Jan 29, 2016
gnu Make .debug file for more useful. Jan 29, 2016
include Provide new socket option TCP_CCALGOOPT, which stands for TCP congestion Jan 29, 2016
kerberos5 DIRDEPS_BUILD: Update dependencies. Jan 16, 2016
lib Fix some warnings. Apr 26, 2016
libexec Align the stack for capabilities in dynamic programs. Apr 21, 2016
release Increase efiboot.img size used in ISO creation Jan 13, 2016
rescue Fix the build after ifconfig was converted over to lib80211 in r291470 Nov 30, 2015
sbin Add (u)intptr_t and vaddr_t casts as appropriate to allow these tools to Mar 16, 2016
secure Merge OpenSSL 1.0.2f. Jan 29, 2016
share Enable jemalloc by default in CheriABI. Apr 13, 2016
sys Don't generate mmap() returns from whole cloth. Apr 26, 2016
targets Add in DIRDEPS_BUILD support. Jan 7, 2016
tests kqueue EVFILT_PROC: avoid collision between NOTE_CHILD and NOTE_EXIT Jan 28, 2016
tools Disabled the vulnerabilities required for demos. Feb 10, 2016
usr.bin Use better spelling of the CHERI capability-size sysctl. Apr 6, 2016
usr.sbin cheri_tcpdump: increase max sandboxes to 256, print three digit hash … Feb 23, 2016
.arcconfig Add repository.callsign, to help arcanist figure out what repo it's Jul 2, 2015
.arclint phabricator related changes: Apr 20, 2015
.gitmodules Add CTSRD-CHERI/cheri-c-tests to cheriabitest. Feb 5, 2016
COPYRIGHT Bump copyright year. Dec 31, 2015
LOCKS Move ^/user/gjb/hacking/release-embedded up one directory, and remove Feb 21, 2014
MAINTAINERS Add interests/maintainerships + notes Dec 28, 2015
Makefile Don't disable tests when building CHERI. Feb 5, 2016
Makefile.inc1 Embed the cheriabitest list in addition to the cheritest list so they… Feb 5, 2016 Remove leading slashes added to in r294113. Jan 17, 2016
README Put CHERI specific README bits into and restore the upstrea… Jan 28, 2016 Updates to CheriBSD now that we have web pages for CheriBSD… Apr 15, 2016
UPDATING Add a sysctl to allow ZFS pools backed by zvols Jan 29, 2016 Update tag, ignore more netsurf bits. Feb 10, 2016


CheriBSD extends FreeBSD/BERI to implement memory protection and software compartmentalization features supported by the CHERI ISA. FreeBSD/BERI is a port of the open-source FreeBSD operating system that extends support for the Bluespec Extensible RISC implementation (BERI). General crossbuild and use instructions for FreeBSD/BERI may be found in the BERI Software Reference. Procedures for building and using FreeBSD/BERI should entirely apply to CheriBSD, except as documented in the CHERI Programmer's Guild.

The CheriBSD web page can be found here:

The Qemu-CHERI web page may also be useful:

More information about BERI and CHERI can be found on,, in the following Technical Reports:

Bluespec Extensible RISC Implementation: BERI Hardware reference

Bluespec Extensible RISC Implementation: BERI Software reference

Capability Hardware Enhanced RISC Instructions: CHERI Programmer's Guide

Capability Hardware Enhanced RISC Instructions: CHERI Instruction-Set Architecture

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