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Sail model of CHERI-MIPS ISA

This repository contains a model of the CHERI-MIPS ISA in the Sail language. Sail can build an ISA simulator, convert to theorem prover input or generate latex for inclusion in the CHERI ISA manual.

Sail via OPAM

We recommend to install the Sail compiler using the opam package. See the following wiki page.


The following emulator targets are available:

Subdirectory Target Description
mips mips MIPS emulator built from sail-generated OCaml
mips mips_c MIPS emualtor built from sail-generated C
cheri cheri CHERI-MIPS-256 emulator built from sail-generated OCaml
cheri cheri_c CHERI-MIPS-256 emualtor built from sail-generated C
cheri cheri128 CHERI-MIPS-128 emulator built from sail-generated OCaml
cheri cheri128_c CHERI-MIPS-128 emualtor built from sail-generated C

The C emulator is faster and therefore generally preferable but the OCaml one may be useful for debugging (e.g. any discrepancy in output indicates a bug in Sail or its external function libraries).

The default make target in the top-level directory will build all of the above.


This software was developed within the Rigorous Engineering of Mainstream Systems (REMS) project, partly funded by EPSRC grant EP/K008528/1, at the Universities of Cambridge and Edinburgh.

This project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No 789108, ELVER).

This software was developed by SRI International and the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory (Department of Computer Science and Technology) under DARPA/AFRL contract FA8650-18-C-7809 ("CIFV").


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