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The program RCPSPSGpu is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Authors: Libor Bukata ( and Premysl Sucha (

Supported SW:
GNU Compiler Collection (GCC), CUDA

How to install:
1) If you would like to run bigger instances than J120, the following steps are necessary:
	a) make CreateHeaderFile
	b) ./CreateHeaderFile dataset_directory/*.sm (CudaConstants.h is updated)
2) Update the Makefile file:
	a) Set the CAPABILITY variable with respect to your graphics card architecture.
	b) Set installation path - variable INST_PATH.
3) Compile program: make all
4) Optional program installation (the program can be executed from the current directory):
	a) make install
5) Optional generation and installation of documentation to the Documentation/ directory:
	a) make doc

For the information about program parameters run the command './RCPSPGpu --help'.
You can download the standard datasets from

If you find this software useful for your research or you create an algorithm
based on this software, please cite our original paper in your publication list.

Libor Bukata, Premysl Sucha, Zdenek Hanzalek, Solving the Resource Constrained
Project Scheduling Problem using the parallel Tabu Search designed for the CUDA platform,
Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, Volume 77, March 2015,
Pages 58-68, ISSN 0743-7315,


Parallel solver of the Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problem using CUDA platform.




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