Simulink Embedded Coder target for Linux
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Minimalist Simulink Coder Target for Linux

Authors: Michal Sojka Lukas Hamacek

The aim of this target is to allow Simulink to generate code that runs in real-time on Linux. This target tries to be minimalist in the sense that it reuses as much as possible from Simulink built-in targets.


In Matlab prompt execute:

cd <root>/ert_linux/ert_linux

From now on, Code Generation pane of Simulink Model Configuration Parameters should offer ert_linux.tlc as System Target File (after pressing "Browse...." button).


In order to cross-compile the generated source, modify the "Make command" in Code Generation pane to set the CC variable (and/or CPP for C++ compiler). For example:

make_rtw CC=arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc

Pointers to more ERT Linux target documentation can be found at the project SourceForge page

Michal Sojka's blogpost about the actual version can be found at

Development sources repository

Newest version of this project can be found at

Note: This target was tested with Matlab R2012b and R2013a and Humusoft MF624 cards with Linux kernels up to 3.12 RT on 64-bit Debian GNU/Linux system.