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Various Java Examples
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Java Examples

This repository contains a number of examples of Java core library functionality. The primary version target is Java 8 at the present time. This may and probably will change over time as newer versions are released. At that time branches will be created as appropritate.

Current Focus The current focus right now is to iterate throught the Java 8 lambda functionality and create a set of clear, easy to use reference examples as well as a cross reference table showing how Java can implement lambda functionality. See the package-info under the lambda directory for the beginning of such a table. This is likely to move into it's own HTML table in the near future.

Link Usage Description
groupingBy C(x) -> map( function(x), List(x given f(x)) ) Converts current stream into a map of values.
toList C(x) -> List<>({ x1, x2, x3...}) Converts stream of x to a list result.
joining x1,x2,x3,x3... -> x1 joinChar x2 joinChar x3 joinChar ... Join stream of arguments joining them by a string.
toMap x -> [key(x), value(x)] :: Map Converts each x into item in map via key and value functions.
reducingBy C(x) -> each x : fn(prior, x) Reduces C(x) by invoking f(x) for each x and prior result.
partitioningBy C(x) -> Map<Boolean f(x), List> Divides a list by a given fn(x)
function fn.apply(x1) Function invocation w/ 1 or 2 arguments
Consumers x -> Consumer.accept(x) Demonstrates calling and chaining of consumers.
filter filter(x -> fn(x)) Only includes x matching fn(x) in the resulting stream.
forEach C(x).forEach(Consumer) Invokes consumer for each value of C(x)
removeIf C(x).removeIf(Predicate(x)) Remove element(s) if predicate matches.
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