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CSCI7000 XDP Serverless Final Project

Group Members: Saiyma Sarmin, Meghan Donohoe, Punith Patil, Prerit Oberai, Erika Hunhoff

Project Overview

This project initially asked the question: "Can we use XDP to see performance gains in a serverless computing model?" However, as we explored XDP, particularly the AF_XDP socket option made available in the Linux Ker nel 5.4, we realized there was a lot of room for exploration and development of tools needed for counting packet drops, measuring latency, and more. Therefore, we've shifted our focus (at least for now) towards developing these tools and programs.

Materials Overview

  • Benchmarks: This section contains our deliverables for this project, including data generated during tests, and code used in generating that data as well as usage instructions.
  • Docs: The Docs folder contains project documentation, most particularly personal notes. It also includes the checkpoint1 and checkpoint2 reports.
  • Code: Code contains intermediate and development code as well as installation scripts used during this project.

Architecture Overview

We are currently using:

  • Linux 5.4 (build using the net next git repo) with XDP enabled
  • CloudLab, two connected bare-metal nodes (more information available in the Benchmarks directory). We are using xl170 nodes.
  • The AF_XDP feature of Linux 5.4 as a start to creating applications that take advantage of XDP.
  • Docker version 19.03.5, build 633a0ea838
  • Python3 scripts
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