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Team Problem Set

This is the repository for designing the team problem set. It contains the same binder setup branches and notebook templates as the repo for your individual problem sets and you can use any of them as you see fit.

Designing the problem set

When designing the problem set, be mindful that you are now working together with multiple people and it is especially important to work in branches, push your changes regularly to GitHub and merge branches regularly into the master branch. If you are working in Jupyter, make sure to clear all output before committing changes to git.


Make sure to test your problem set on binder to make sure it will be possible to use in a classroom context. For this, adjust/delete the example links below to fit the language(s) and platforms you are using. Make sure to replace all instances of the word assignment_group_problem_set (the name of the template repo) with the name of your own repository.


Generally, it is good to clean up the repo once ready for student usage by deleting all unused files in the master branch. None of the files initially in the master branch (examples and blank templates from the template repo) are necessary and all can be deleted (although keeping the .gitignore is generally a good idea).


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